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The staff working at the Sangany Lodge come from all over Madagascar although priority is given to the inhabitants of Nosy Be and most of all, the surrounding villages. The children here leave school even before they can read and write. Working with us means acquiring a professionalism and a position that will allow to think about the more and not just today.


Our beach  is public, villagers pass by while following their routine but our team takes care of it daily. 


Water is a precious commodity. At Sangany it is available all day long both cold and hot. Electricity is produced by an autonomous generator and its access is subject to precise time slots. Solar panels allow the use of the fans if needed as the air-con can only be switched on when the generator is turned on.

The Sangany Lodge is a place of rest and parentheses compared to the daily frenzy. The Wi-Fi system is available, from the late afternoon and in the main structure. Think of it as an internet detox.



-          WELCOME DRINK

-          ROOM SERVICE

-          BEACH TOWEL

-          LAUNDRY

-          SAFE BOX

-          BOTTLE OF WATER (1L/pers.)




-          ACTIVITIES

-          MASSAGE

Massage from  25 (relaxing, tonic, slimming, 4hands)

Evening meal 30 and lunch  15

Transfers 25  for 2p and 10 extra for each additionnal person. Free for children under 12 years if with 2 adults.

Accommodation, meals and excursion less 50% for children from 5 to 12 years if with 2 adults.

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