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Anyone who comes to Nosy Be have to experience the ancient Madagascan philosophy: MORA MORA. This is the main feature of our's a state of mind that leads to the slowdown of all activities. Only when you have experienced and fully appreciated it, this is our advice, will you enjoy all the wonderful experiences awaiting for those who dares to go out of the ordinary paths and be curious. The choices are many and here below are some.


Ø  NOSY TANIKELY: Tanikely Island is a national marine park. It’s a magic underwater world that shows a unique and wonderful ballet below the surface making anyone forgets about time. Tanikely is the marine reserve of Nosy Be. Scuba-diving and snorkelling are very popular here – the reefs around the island are magnificent and home to a wide variety of fish species. But it's also an ideal place for just sunbathing.


Ø  SAKATIA: Sakatia Island (island of orchids) is home to a few hundred inhabitants, has numerous colonies of lemurs and its underwater biodiversity will amaze the most experienced divers with her incredible seabed. This pristine beauty offers unique experiences. The coral reef is easily accessible and swimming with giant turtles will never seem so natural.

Ø  NOSY IRANJA: the island of Iranja is located near the north-west coast of Madagascar, off the Ampasindava peninsula, about an hour boat trip from Nosy Be. It consists of two islands connected by a 2 km long sandbank, which only surfaces at low tide.


Ø  LOKOBE: Lokobe is the last primary forest of Nosy Be. You will discover a tropical forest with its ancient trees and its many varieties of medicinal and endemic plants of Madagascar. You get there on board a traditional pirogue, rowing along the mangroves. The fishing village of Ambatozavavy south of Nosy Be is the departure spot after 45mn drive from the lodge.

Ø  NOSY FANIHY: just a few minutes by boat from our beach, the island of Nosy Fanihy, also called Coral Island,is a special place.  A white tongue of land, covered by the remains of the coral reef, with dazzling light and crystal clear sea welcomes you if you care to visit her. The depths around the island are ideal for snorkelling. For those who want to explore the rocky side of the island, along the route, from the rocks of volcanic origin, you will have a glimpse to sceneries of rare beauty.

Ø  HORSE RIDING: a privileged way to explore the inside of the island of Nosy Be up to Mont Passot via the Holy Lake. Choose the formula that's right for you: 30 minutes, 60 minutes or half a day.


Ø  QUAD TOURS: if what you are looking for is a bit of adrenaline, the island tour by quad is right for you! Ask us the different options available.


Ø  FISHING/Pirogue Experience: ideal for those willing to take part of the local way of life. Next to our lodge, fishermen still   use archaic fishing methods, still effective in this generous sea. The pirogue is built by hand by the local population using strong and robust trees, the pirogues are the boat of the fishermen all around MADAGASCAR. Sailing or rowing with them will be a way to get closer to their everyday life, enjoying the MORA MORA philosophy and living the sea like you've never dreamt to.

Big game Fishing: multitude of choice from our partner who will take you to the well known sites around Nosy-be. A journey out toward Mitsio, Terres Rouges and many more is sure to be full of unforgettable  memories. 


Ø  GOLF: where there is sun, wind, sea and lush vegetation, you can’t miss an 18-hole golf course. Ask us for more information.

Ø SCUBA DIVING : Scuba Diving at the Amarina resort ,reachable by walk at only 5min.

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