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Nosy-be is more than just the place to rest after an exhausting 'must do tour' for the rightfully renowned biodiversity of Madagascar. Already famous for boat cruising, diving, big game fishing, honeymooners and lazy on tourists, the perfumed island and her little sisters concentrate the whole red island offering a fabulously got it all holiday:

*Marine Park such as Tanikely where a magical underwater world shows an unique and wonderful ballet below the surface making forget about time

*Turtles at Sakatia where they have their lunch without being disturbed by your swim

*Untouched bustling coral reefs surrounding the main and the tenths islands around

*Pristine sand with Iranja

*Birds, lemurs, chameleons, butterflies and other fauna

* Primary forest with LOKOBE

*Horse-riding with the privilege of a grand final bath in the sea


*High adrenaline sensations with quad tours

*Trek along with our local guides through genuine villages, Ylang-Ylang, fruit plantations and picturesque views

*Body and spirit care by massage done with genuine Madagascan essential oil

*Journey to ancient time when listening to legends and beliefs

*Full decompression and relaxation because of the almost inexistent * A slow down attitude forced by the Mora Mora of the Madagascan people.

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